Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Little in Common with their Cause

I was poking around the news of John David Schofield's just desserts and I came across the web pages for Common Cause Patnership.  I saw a couple of things that saddened me:  college pal and fellow house church brother Norman Beale is listed among clergy members, and in their foundational documents they - I hope inadvertently - redefine Christian Communion to a new level of understanding.  Item 10.4 in their Articles of Incorporation (Confederation would be more honest) states "Communicant members of any Partner shall be received b y a congregation of another Partner on presentation of a letter of transfer."  I hope that this was only meant to establish a consistent method for movement of lay members from parish to parish.  It could just as easily be read "a letter of transfer is sufficient to establish membership in another parish." How are members of non-partner congregations to be received by a Partner parish: exam? testimony? first born?  And what role does the rector play in making a determination?  

Later I was still surfing my regular stops and remembered this wonderful recounting of Sara Miles and her introduction to Episcopal Worship a la St. Gregory of Nyssa.  I don't believe a CCP parish would accept her letter of transfer. As a rector I would. 

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