Sunday, February 10, 2008

Chicken Doves and Waterboarding for God

I have some questions thanks to the wake-up call I received in reading Ray McGovern of Common Dreams and Matt Taibi of Rollingstone.  

Why have none of the moderated debates for either party questioned the candidates about:

  • reversing Bush's unitary executive office?
  • impeachment of Bush, Cheney, Gonzales, et al
  • reversal of No Child Left Behind
  • ending to corporate welfare
  • the false piety of the Republican Elite
  • the hypocrisy of the Evangelistic Leadership as non-questioning supporters of Bush
  • etc., etc., etc

Why wait for a debate?  Why haven't any of the candidates asked these questions of each other? By not making known what they believe on these matters and countless others that don't make the manufactured news, each of the candidates -- regardless of party --  leaves us ready to assume that come January 2009 nothing will change but the White House letterhead. 

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Anonymous said...

i'm pretty usre that for at least some of these (if not ALL OF THEM) it's because asking those questions would piss some people off. and we all knwo that the LAST thing you want to do when you;re running for president is to piss people off, even if asking legitimate, needed questions would do so. i mean, look at ron paul, the Republican Party's one actual "hope for the future." he started asking questions and within a month of the Republican Debate before the primaries he was in like... last place? oh no wait, that was fred thompson...
mitch | Homepage | 05.08.08 - 9:23 pm | #