Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Robert Reich's Perfect Storm is Looming

Find me a Tea Partier who has admitted concern over any of the issues Reich raises. (Remember Robert Reich helped President Clinton work with a Republican congress and leave the country and government on the strongest financial footing EVER.) Heck, find me an elected Republican from Georgia, (Saxby? Johnny? Paul?) who has done anything to help make -- even their own -- election funding more transparent. For those of my friends who want a tougher challenge than finding a Reich-reading Tea Partier just look for one not standing on "astroturf."

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Deal and Barnes on Taxes: Errors or Greed?

Did you know? According to the Associated Press: In 2006: Nathan Deal paid 2.95 percent — or $5,575 in federal taxes — on $188,904 in adjusted gross income. In 2007: Deal paid 1 percent — or $2,068 — on $205,433 in income. Based on the Obama tax plan he'll GET a tax break.
Did you know? According to the Atlanta Journal Constitution: In 2008: Roy Barnes claimed as depreciated property, a house and lot that was no longer his. He did the same thing in 2009. The property had been gifted to his children. BUT in 2009: Roy Barnes' tax return erroneously included income he did not earn such that he paid nearly $30,000 MORE than he actually owed in taxes. He has filed an amended return so as to pay the taxes owed. As it stands Roy Barnes will have paid more than 2 million dollars in taxes by the election in November. Nathan Deal, not so much.
Roy Barnes has made public more than 1500 pages of tax records. Nathan Deal, not so much.
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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A Thought Experiment Regarding Scapegoats

Attempts to purge away difference in a quest for unity almost always end up creating classes and victims other than those initially used as scapegoats. Who do you think of when I say "demand for a scapegoat forces a ranking of goats best-to-least suited for the role of symbolic sacrifice and the "safe" disposal of sin. Wild goats need not apply. Goats that will render sweet milk and soft wool are herded to safety. Best not to waste resources, so those with scapegoat potential are only afforded the nurture that will continue each toward that result. Being without beauty or utility to avoid the distinction means a life of deceit, denial, or closeting, especially when the world the scapegoat will leave believes its resources scarce."
Who fills these roles in your view of the Anglican Communion as it sends away TEC to make itself pure?