Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Rhythms and Rests

You know I love music.  I've enjoyed some instruction in piano, guitar and voice.  I still cannot really read music but when Jim plays the melody I can locate the harmonies the hymnal intends. One can safely say I have a good ear.  
I'm also interested in the effect of rhythm in music.  Most of us experience the effect of rhythm through the pace of music.  For me there is almost always another, more intricate and complex, beat behind the one with which we count out the measures and set the pace.
Coming to Kanuga for this weeklong conference has called on me to practice a rhythm different than the one I enjoy in Madison.  Holy Eucharist at 7:30, breakfast at 8:00, Morning Prayer at 9:00, first Plenary (my opening remarks set the theme for the day) at 9:30, first workshop at 10:00, second workshop at 11:30, noonday prayers and lunch at 12:30, then the afternoons are scheduled one person at a time for private counseling and consultation till 5:00, dinner at 6:00, evening prayers at 7:00, small groups until we close the day with compline at 9:00
There is a definite pace to the day that the rhythm of prayer and program actually helps to happen.  That's the way that prayers are supposed to work.  They are not always rests away from the pace of life but integral to maintaining the pace, counting the measures, keeping the rhythm.  
Our lives in Madison only share a few markers to set the pace, establish a rhythm.  Sunday's morning worship services and during a part of the year Night Prayers, Tuesday's Prayers for Healing, Wednesday's Theolatte are the moments in our weekly rhythm.
In each month there are other markers, Daughters of the King, Men of Advent, Vestry, Finance committee, Outreach, and others.  
Even our annual parish meeting is a marker and it establishes a year by year rhythm and pace into our lives.  
So let's think about other moments, especially new ones, that we use to maintain the rhythm and pace of our lives.  It's time for us to consider Wednesday night programming, some other week night as well, even another weekday morning moment.  Whatever we consider we can be confident that God's Holy Spirit will help us keep pace.  

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