Tuesday, August 5, 2014

“Old habits die hard”

History gives no one in particular credit for originating this truth.  It must be too true.  That is to say no one is immune to its truth.  We are implicated, each and every one of us, one way or another, not always but at least once.  
For me it is the old habit of calling Athens home and of suffering its gravitational pull each evening.  I’ll just have to be patient and let the new pull of the Mason’s guest house and my computer in the rector’s office and walking up and down Dixie Avenue work their way into my bones and blood.  Until then I’m a creature of US 441 or Price Mill Road, pick your poison.
But gravity is not the only force acting through me.  I should admit to a little fear of what the future holds.  Okay . . . more than a little, sometimes.  Please understand that I am comforted by knowing I am not alone in this venture.  We have chosen to covenant together toward a new way of being and doing and growing what is already and is not yet the Church of the Advent, Madison, GA.  That’s how the realm of God works.  
My fears, apprehensions, doubts, seem to rise out of the mystery, the unknown, the experimental nature of our learning new habits.  But learn I must, the patterns need time to seep into the roots, to carve themselves into the foundation. 
“Old habits die hard,” is true . . . right now.  But it is true because a new set of habits are emerging, marking their territory, coming home to place they’ve not yet called home.

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