Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Same Republican greed and cynicism, different President

Crisis? We don't need no stinkin crisis! So should say the Republicans under John Boehner's "leadership." Because what they are about in linking together a historically procedural lifting of the debt ceiling with their hoped for imbalanced mangling of the federal government's budget is nothing more than another round of greed and cynicism posing as love of free markets and country.
Mr. Boehner is just one of several Republicans who found their way to the Capital in time to raise the debt ceiling 7 times for W but now have manufactured a crisis, blamed it on President Obama and rewritten history to insure their own re-elections while they deepen their cynicism and project the same intent on the President.
Indeed these are nearly the same Republicans who not only gave W EVERY new debt ceiling he needed but many are the same Republicans who worked WITH President Clinton to package for W the healthiest budget position since WW2. That gift was immediately
squandered and disappeared the first year George W. Bush was in office, even before the 9/11 attacks happened, in no small part because Bush began slashing taxes for the wealthy upon taking office. And then he and his Republican allies running the Congress proceeded to ring up the deficit to unheard-of heights, thanks largely to a needless invasion of another nation under false pretenses.
Where were all these Republicans in the years 2001-2006, when they were setting new records for federal deficits and destroying the economy along the way? (Thanks Crooks and Liars. Read more http://crooksandliars.com/david-neiwert/just-how-it-republicans-get-lecture- or Read more http://www.commondreams.org/views04/1022-26.htm)

They were sitting on huge campaign budgets and going on junkets yet to be blamed on Abramson type lobbyists. Now their greed has them sucking the teats of Nordquist, Koch and friends. Just as bad as the greed and cynicism, characteristics which have unique expressions from the Republican side of the aisle so please no excuses based on "Democrats do it, too" is the out right fiction that counts as "hard truth," "straight talk," or "what the American people are saying."
During his remarks following the President's address Monday night, Speaker Boehner said, "the American people will not accept an increase in the debt limit without significant spending cuts and reforms." He was lying when he purportedly said this to the President in January and lying to all of us when he said it last night. According to the most recent Gallup poll
when asked how Congress should reduce the federal deficit, 30 percent said 'mostly with spending cuts' and 32 percent chose 'equally with spending cuts and tax increases.' Just 20 percent said the deal should be exclusively spending cuts and 11 percent wanted a deal mostly or only with tax increases." (Thanks My Fox News Orlando for this info. Read more: http://www.myfoxorlando.com/dpps/news/polls-show-voters-favor-tax-hikes-in-debt-deal-dpgonc-20110714-ch_14128419#ixzz1TFVEYif9

Boehner and his co-dependents do not need a crisis. Their greed, cynicism and lies have been doing enough damage as it is.

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