Sunday, August 2, 2009

Salvation is Universal Health Care

Many of you whom I love and call friends have already characterized government initiated/enforced health care reform as socialism and in so doing claim you have upheld a more conservative or libertarian and therefore more Christian standard. 

So I ask you to read this article by Jonathan Alter in Newsweek titled "What's Not to Like? Reform? Why do we need health-care reform? Everything is just fine the way it is" and Bill Maher's commentary on "profit making as other than patriotism" 

Go here and then let's talk about Jesus' claim on us and our citizenship.
Peace, Dann

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TLC said...

People are free to get whatever care they want, right now. Yes, it costs $. Is it right? I don't know that I can answer that one.

The sad truth is, whatever change is coming, the haves will STILL have more access, better choices, etc. than the have-nots. England's plan is iffy. Why do many Brit employers advertise private ins as a perk? Why separate hospitals for the gov't-covered and one with cherry paneling, wine in the waiting room if you have private Ins? What about Medicaid & Medicare currently? Pyments to providers are horrible; therefore, selection of providers is limited . . . I do think change is necessary but blame all who're responsible: Doctors, lawyers, insurance companies, Hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, our general public who *refuse* to listen to dr orders & be healthier! Admittedly, my view is slanted - I talk to so many of these uninsured who can afford 2 cell phones but won't pay $30 a month for coverage! Approximately half of the folks who call me looking for coverage already have great coverage and want something to "supplement" their current so they don't have to pay a $3 copay for RX.

Bottom line: My personal theory on this is, we should help those who need it. Defining need is very difficult. Jesus helps those who help themselves.

So, we need to realize that reform IS coming, define need in a reasonable light, set reasonable deadlines (NOT next month) and expectations (NOT encourage people to have more babies to stay on Medicaid), and get commonsensical about it. Refuse any form of a proposal that includes any verbiage other than re: health care reform. And make it work!